Blue Frog Scientific were part of a group of scientists to identify priority research questions toward sustainable environmental quality

Scientists have collectively identified 22 priority research questions toward sustainable environmental quality in Europe and the role of anthropogenic chemicals.

The international study, including Blue Frog Scientific’s Kai Paul, has identified the 22 most important research questions that need to be answered to fill the most pressing knowledge gaps over the next decade.

The questions include those addressing how we can develop databases and in silico tools for assessment purposes and reducing the use of animal testing, and how to improve upon current risk assessment frameworks. 

The research, which resulted from a recent 'big questions' exercise involving researchers from across Europe, aims to serve as a road map for policy makers, regulators, industry and funders and result in a more coordinated approach to chemicals in the Environment from the European environmental science community.

The research is part of a much larger global horizon scanning exercise co-ordinated by the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Taken together these exercises should help to focus global research into the impacts of chemicals in the environment.

Publication: Towards Sustainable Environmental Quality: Priority Research Questions for Europe is published in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. It is one of six papers in a global horizon scanning study (

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