Lauren Hypson

22 Jul 2022

Blue Frog Scientific invited by UK HSE to take part in some user research for the Biocides and Pesticides Transformation Programme

Blue Frog Scientific was invited by UK HSE Operational Services Division to take part in some user research for the Biocides and Pesticides Transformation Programme, with the aim of this being to develop a transformed and modern digital service for the registration of biocides and pesticides in the UK following BREXIT. Our Biocides specialist Lauren Hypson agreed to take part in the research activities on behalf of Blue Frog Scientific. The first session occurred this week starting with Lauren getting the chance to talk with the UK HSE staff involved in the creation of this new system about the challenges faced by industry and applicants. This part of the session was followed by a chance to explore one of the prototype designs and to give feedback on it to help refine and improve the services. Before joining Blue Frog Scientific as a consultant Lauren has also worked in industry for a biocides manufacturer, and within the UK authority HSE for Chemical Registration Division itself, so she felt she could provide feedback and a unique take on the development and implementation of the new services designed to optimise the processes involved in the submission of registrations as well as hopefully improve the user experience. Contact us for more information on the above or any related regulatory issues. 
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Jamie Marshall

30 Jun 2022

Jamie Marshall joins Blue Frog Scientific

Jamie is a Senior Consultant for Blue Frog Scientific with 13 years of experience spanning EU and UK REACH, along with other global regulations (Canada, Australia, US, Philippines), and also GHS, CLP, and classifications for transport (ADR/IMDG/IATA). Outside of registrations and notifications, Jamie has extensive experience of in silico assessment, specifically in relation to skin sensitization for REACH, assessment of toxicological potential of impurities of agrochemical TGAIs, and assessment of metabolites in line with the EFSA guidance on residue definition. 

Jamie has a BSc in Chemistry, and an MSc in Drug chemistry from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and a background in analytical chemistry in various industries prior to working in regulatory affairs. 

John Miller

27 Jun 2022

John Miller joins Blue Frog Scientific

John joins Blue Frog Scientific as a Senior Consultant for Blue Frog Scientific with extensive experience in EU and UK regulations such as REACH and CLP. John will be involved in the management of REACH consortia and responsible for Blue Frog Scientific’s Only Representative function under EU and UK REACH, managing regulatory compliance for non-EU and non-UK manufacturers respectively, including but not limited to, strategic planning of dossier updates to ECHA and the HSE, preparation of technical dossiers and downstream user communication.

John graduated with a first class masters in chemistry (MChem) from the University of Huddersfield and has a background in analytical chemistry, including chromatographic, thermal and elemental analysis, before embarking on a career in regulatory affairs. 

Liam Burns

24 Jun 2022

Liam Burns to join Blue Frog Scientific

Blue Frog Scientific is very happy to announce the recruitment of Liam Burns who will be specialising in environment fate and ecotoxicology within our regulatory teams. Liam is an experienced scientist with over 17 years industrial experience in contract research supporting regulatory requirements for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and animal health sectors. Liam graduated from Heriot Watt University with an honour’s degree in Chemistry in 2003 and subsequently worked for several contract research organisations performing laboratory environmental fate and ecotoxicology tests.

Bryony Ross

29 Mar 2022

Bryony Ross Presents Poster at SOT 2022 - San Diego

On Thursday 31st March 2022, Bryony Ross will present her poster at SOT titled "Assessing the toxicity of engineered nanomaterials in the male reproductive system: Developing improved methods and strategies for hazard assessment".

You can find Bryony in the Late-Breaking 5 Session, Poster Number 186

If you are unable to attend, a copy can be downloaded here.

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