Oilfield Chemicals

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Blue Frog Scientific provides an expert service supporting companies that wish to register products under the Oilfield Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS). Submission of a Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) is required for all chemicals used in connection with offshore exploration and production activities in the OSPAR maritime area.

OCNS requirements have evolved to harmonise with the REACH Regulation which is currently in the phase-in process.

Data Requirements: All chemical components, except PLONORs and those listed under Annex IV of REACH, must have the following endpoints:

  • N-octalol/water partition coefficient
  • Algae growth inhibition test (ISO/DIS 10253)
  • Acute toxicity to crustaceans (ISO TC 147/SC5/WG2)
  • Acute toxicity to fish (PARCOM Protocol 1995 part B)
  • Biodegradability data (OECD 306)

Further data may be required depending on the results of the basic endpoints above:

  • Determination of a bioconcentration factor (BCF) (calculation, OECD 305 or ASTM E1022)
  • Sediment reworker test (PARCOM Protocol 1995 part A). Blue Frog Scientific can assist with data gathering, evaluation, and supporting testing programs to fill any data gaps that exist for chemical substances contained in the product
  • Data gathering and evaluation
  • Regulatory testing strategies
  • Study monitoring
  • Preparation of the HOCNF for submission to CEFAS
  • Recertification of products


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17 Jan 2022

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