Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Services for Nanomaterials

Blue Frog Scientifc provides a comprehensive range of services supporting regulatory compliance of nanomaterials under the EU REACH Regulation.

Nanomaterials present novel properties compared to their bulk or ionic counterparts. Within REACH, specific Annexes and ongoing research by EU funded projects are working to develop best practices for information requirements and assessment procedures for nanomaterials. The current approach for regulating nanomaterials is a work-in-progress and subject to significant evolution with time.

It is essential that registrants of nanomaterials consider sound scientific principles when testing and assessing their substances, beyond that currently detailed in the guidance, to ensure longevity of their dossiers.

Current approaches to nanomaterials are fluid and subject to change, as such the services we offer are highly specialised, and constantly adapt to new research and implementations within regulatory frameworks. 

Why Blue Frog


"We provide a highly specialised service adapting to the newest research and regulatory implementations."

Dr. Kai Paul


11 Jun 2019


ECHA's EUON after several months of operating is becoming an even better...