Consortium Management

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Blue Frog Scientific has developed a model for managing the financial and administrative challenges of consortia and task forces.

We are currently managing consortia under REACH as well as groups of companies collectively working on research and development projects.

Our services include the provision of a consortium bank account with all associated accounting functions. This allows the consortium to maintain their budget and facilitate transactions using digital banking. Purchase contracts and contracting third-parties are also facilitated by Blue Frog Scientific.

Our full suite of services can be tailored to each consortium and include:

  • Provision of a consortium bank account
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • VAT and tax accounting
  • Purchase contract management
  • Teleconferencing facilities
  • Data storage and management using the    Blue Frog Scientific extranet
  • Preparation of the HOCNF for submission to CEFAS;
  • Recertification of products.


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17 Jan 2022

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