Blue Frog attends the final NanoReg 2 Final Consortium Meeting

27 Feb 2019

Blue Frog was in attendance at the superbly run NanoReg2 meeting. 

The meeting highlighted the varying findings of the project and stated the relevance of the deliverables to varying regulatory frameworks. The emphasis was of course on safe(r)-by-design of nanotechnologies which looks at varying manipulations to the nanotechnology itself or to the process chain (e.g. production under strictly controlled conditions) in order to reduce risk. The meeting also highlighted the importance of data repositories that contain reliable and relevant studies, for use in the generation of such things as (Q)SAR models and read-across. NanoCommons ( is a project that looks to address this over the next few years, consolidating information from many sources, including the nanosafety research community. In this sense, the data will become more useable from a regulatory perspective.

The meeting also highlighted how this has advanced understanding and the next steps for the nanosafety community.  Some of these next steps are already taking place with many projects recently funded which have related goals. Some of the key projects from a regulatory perspective were:




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